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Take a look at all the positive effects solar energy encapsulates.

Financial Savings

Who doesn’t want to save money? With utility rates increasing, now is the time to go solar. Blake Electric is here to provide clarity into the specific financial incentives associated with your location. Taking advantage of depreciation and tax credits can play a vital role in the return on your investment.

Energy Independence

Take back control! Enjoy the independence of owning and controlling an electric power source located right at your home or business. No more utility rate increases, no more spikes in electricity rate charges during peak loads. In fact, some days you’ll be able to watch the meter spin backwards as your surplus of energy is fed back to the utility.

True Investment

Make money in one of the safest investments available today. Like we say, Savings Today, Energy Forever! How about an annual return of 12% or more in savings you can count on?

Our Economy

Support creation of great, skilled American jobs in a high growth industry. Your investment in solar energy supports American workers who live in our cities and towns building, designing and installing our systems.

The Future

Do it for your kids, grand kids and thousands of animals, plants and other living creatures right outside your door. Investing in solar energy reduces your carbon footprint which reduces global warming and directly promotes the use of sustainable energy with no emissions or harmful side effects.


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