How Solar Energy Works

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With Blake Electric

A solar power system from Blake Electric lets you generate your own electricity - here's how it works:

Step 1: Ready, Set, Go!

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Go get a free consultation with Blake Electric! Then, sit back and see the process take shape, we’ll do the rest!

Step 2: We've Got You Covered

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We create a custom solar energy system for your home and take care of all the permits and inspections.

Step 3: Install It


Our experts install the panels and make sure everything is good to go.

Step 4: Soak Up the Sun

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You’re creating your own clean, more affordable solar energy. Any extra is transferred to your neighbor’s house and you get credit on your bill!

Step 5: Peace of Mind

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We monitor your system to ensure everything is always running 100% effectively and efficiently. You can track your energy production and share it with friends. Blake Electric warranties the installation and guarantees system production.

Interested in how solar energy works?


Initial Concept

When the sun delivers energy to the earth by means of electromagnetic radiation, this Photovoltaic (PV) effect is the process by which several PV cells made from silicon converts sunlight into electricity.

Voltage Types

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In electrical terms, electrical power is the rate of flow of electrical energy in a unit time. Electrical power can be also classified as AC Power or DC Power. Alternating Current (AC) as pure sign wave is usually generated by the utility grid for our homes electric consumptions and the energy generated by the solar panels or batteries is Direct Current (DC).

Solar Cells

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Modern solar cells comes in different colors, shapes and sizes. The most popular cell “Mono” has a uniform darker blue or black color and marked with cutting edges. It is made from slicing one pure silicon cell while the “Poly or Multi” cell has different light colors, resembling a camouflage of melting different silicones together as one cell. The mono cell is more efficient and last longer than the poly with space efficiency from 13-15%.

Panel Construction

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Solar panels are carefully constructed in the factory to protect the cells with glass and lamination to let the sunrays in and to keep out moisture and dirt away from the silicon cells.

Information and graphics from American Solar Energy Society

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